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Rank Shop [Temporary Ranks]

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Rank Shop [Temporary Ranks] Empty Rank Shop [Temporary Ranks]

Post by Enigma on Fri Apr 23, 2010 11:06 pm

Good news!

ETC forum is now opening a new rank shop. This time, the ranks are temporary.

200 forum cash - 1 week duration of customized rank
400 forum cash - 2 weeks duration of customized rank
600 forum cash - 3 weeks duration of customized rank
750 forum cash - 1 month duration of customized rank

What are you waiting for? Exchange your forum cash with a rank of your own now!

Note: You cannot purchase ranks that contains bad/unwanted words, and that are reserved for the staff. (e.g. Administrator, Super Moderator, Support Moderator, and such).


Rank Shop [Temporary Ranks] Eh0h85

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