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Forum Review by Rideem3 of Forumotion

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Forum Review by Rideem3 of Forumotion Empty Forum Review by Rideem3 of Forumotion

Forum Review by Rideem3 of Forumotion Yourfo10


Forum Review by Rideem3 of Forumotion Review12 Congratulations! Your free forum review has been completed. The forum review will hold many tips, suggestions, comments, and feedback that's convenient and voluntary for your forum. Here is your forum review:

Forum Review by Rideem3 of Forumotion Red12 General - Rating: Average
    Your forum in general is very nice. It has very nice and professional look as well as a very nice Forum Page. One thing that I noticed was that your forum lacks a Portal. I would suggest to add one because many members are attracted to stylish Portal's. The Portal is a key part of a forum because it provides entertainment for your members and guests. I also noticed that your forum's CSS for some reason could be broken, I would think it would be due to an unclosed tag such as [img][/img]. You also have way too many widgets on your forum page which causes the forum to be very long in height. Now this is one thing that did not look professional. Your widgets should match how long your forum is in general. Your forum also lacks a good amount of activity. Your forum needs some life into it, I would suggest committing more posts to your forum daily so that the members have something to come back on.

Forum Review by Rideem3 of Forumotion Purple11 Graphics & Layout - Rating: Average
    Your graphics were very nice, however it was your color scheme that you chose that didn't appeal to me. Your Group Colors is my main concern. They do not go with the color of the forum' I would suggest changing your group colors to one's that match with the theme as well as match with the color scheme. Your layout is also a little too big. I would suggest creating at least only a maximum of three categories, one of them being a "Miscellaneous" category for your Graphic Design and General Discussion sections. I also liked how your navigation bar has the hover effect of transparency. Your graphics look professionally done, all you should do is just fix some colors as well as some layouts. Just follow some of my tips and your forum will be on it's way to success.

Forum Review by Rideem3 of Forumotion ForumReviewPassed


Forum Review by Rideem3 of Forumotion Eh0h85

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