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Forum Review by Rideem3 of Forumotion - First Half of December

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Forum Review by Rideem3 of Forumotion - First Half of December


Congratulations! Your free forum review has been completed. The forum review will hold many tips, suggestions, comments, and feedback that's convenient and voluntary for your forum. Here is your forum review:


  1. First Impressions (Score: 22/25):
    At first glance, I noticed that your forum was very well designed, organized, and had a very good structure. I noticed, however, that your forum's width is much to big. I would suggest 87% or 89% any of these percents make the forum look much better than it originally is. I liked the blend of colors that I saw as well as the nice amount of graphical designs. More information will be provided within the contents of this review.
  2. Categories & Forums (Score: 20/25):
    Your forum consists of a very well structured system of categories and forums. I would suggest however that if any of your forums do not seem active, or they do not come to the members' liking, remove it; no need to accumulate space available on your forum. I would however suggest that you remove the "Designs" category, and move the contents of the category to the category named "The Cafe." It will make things much clearer and seeing as "The Cafe" is much like a Miscellaneous category, it should fit in very well. I also suggest that you remove your forum of "Social Networking Accounts Promotion" and just make sub-forum under "Forum Promotion" with the name of "Social Networking Accounts Promotion." From there, it would provide much more clarity on the subject of what the topic is mainly about: Promotion.

Generalities total :: 42/50

Graphic Design & Layout

  1. Graphics (Score: 25/25):
    I really liked your banner. I noticed the vibe and life that it gives to the forum. It looks very professionally done, and I think that it is simple, yet elegant. I see the use of gradients and the use of graphical genius just put right into it. I think that your banner deserves some praise for it's show of art. I honestly see no need to improve it at all except just to use a darker hue of the blue that you are using. It would help people who have bright screens and eye problems.
    Navigation Bar
    I really like your navigation bar; just like your banner it was simple yet elegant. Although I do know that this navigation bar came from I believe Mex, I think that you chose a very good set to match your forum. I like the way it matches your forum's color scheme. I would suggest to add one CSS code to make it opaque, then when your mouse hovers on it, it will go normal color. I think that it would go great with the set of navigation bars that you chose.
    Forum Icons
    I like the way that your forum icons were very descriptive as to what they stood for. The new post image actually had the text new, and your locked forum had just one plain image of a lock. This is a very good trait to new members because they often seek guidance, and some pictures may help them.
    'Who Is Online?' Image
    Your who is online image is very creative and original. I lie the way that the image is a globe representing the different countries of the world and which of them came to visit your forum. The compass seems like a sort of navigation trying to pinpoint each member, and I found this to be very nice.
  2. Forum Layout & Colors (Score: 23/25):
    Your color scheme was very unique. I like the way that your colors of text and user groups go well with your color scheme of choice for your background. I also like your forum's layout of different contents and varieties. I like how your categories and forums really match your forum's name which is, Etcetera. Your forum's main layout is very nice and unique. Just follow some of these tips and your forum will turn out for the best.

Graphic Design & Layout total :: 48/50

Total Score: 90/100



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