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Here are the RULES OF THE FORUM that every member (no exceptions) must follow: 1.) NO SPAMMING. >> Avoid being off-topic. >> Avoid double-posting. Consecutive posting can only be done if stated by an authorized (member of the staff) topic starter and if necessary. >> Avoid copy-paste replies (esp. New Member Introduction's section threads). >> Do not use ALL-CAPS in posting and creating topics just to be recognized and get attention unless it is necessary to give emphasis to that certain thing. 2.) STRICTLY NO OTHER SITE PROMOTION. >> No posting of other forums' links in all parts of this forum (including chatbox and private messages) unless you are told to do so by a staff. 3.) ENGLISH is the MAIN LANGUAGE to be used in this forum. >> Members and staffs are only allowed to speak in Tagalog or other langauages in Off-topic Chat Threads, the chatbox, and threads under the "Countries" category. 4.) Avoid double-topics. Use the search function first before posting a topic/thread. 5.) No flamming in any form. Respect each other's opinion/s. >> Avoid badmouthing. >> If there are misunderstanding/s between members or staffs, please let us (administrators or super moderators) know. 6.) Multiple and fake registrations are strictly prohibited. Please only use one account and make sure that you're not impersonating somebody else. 7.) Observe orderliness in the forum. >> Usernames SHALL NOT CONTAIN any bad or censored words. >> Avoid using sTiCkY cApS in any of your posts and threads. >> No pornographic and illegal content shall be posted or uploaded in this forum in any form. >> Images shall not stretch the width any page of this forum. Please use the spoiler tag if you are about to post a big one. >> Scroll (marquee) and Username (Username of the viewer) tags are strictly prohibited to be used. Only authorized people may use them. >> Video and music clips are not allowed to be included in your signature or in any of your posts in this forum. >> Signatures shall not stretch the width of any page of this forum, nor occupy a very big space. In addition, signatures shall only contain 2 images and 3 lines of text. An image corresponds 2 lines of text (so if you have not included any image in your signature, you may include 7 lines of text). [To sum up, your signature, posts, topics, and avatar shall not be annoying.] 8.) Obey the rules and the members of the staff of this forum. If you see members breaking these rules, please report them to us thru a PM (private message) or a report. NOTE: Only members with more than 10 posts may send a private message to prove members' existence and truthfulness of purpose in joining the forum. We are hoping for your full cooperation. Have a nice stay here in ETC Forum and have fun posting! :] Best Regards, ETC Forum Founder