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General Rules

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General Rules Empty General Rules

Here are the general rules of the forum that every member should follow:

>> Avoid being off-topic.
>> Avoid unnecessary consecutive posting.
>> Bumping threads for an appropriate purpose may only be done once every 24 hours.
>> Do not use ALL-CAPS in posting or creating topics just to be recognized and/or get attention, unless it is necessary to do so.

2.) You may not speak in any language other than English in all the premises of the forum (except in the regional sections and the chatbox).

3.) Avoid repetition of topics (or topics with almost the same content). Use the search function first (which can be accessed by clicking the link "Search" in the navigation bar on the header part) before posting a topic/thread.

4.) No flamming in any form. Respect each other's opinion/s.
>> Strictly no badmouthing.
>> If there are misunderstanding/s between members of the forum, please let us (the members of the staff) know.

5.) Multiple and fake registrations are strictly prohibited. Please only use one account and make sure that you're not using other person's identity.

6.) Observe orderliness in the forum.
>> Usernames may not contain any bad or inappropriate words.
>> Avoid using sTiCkY cApS in any of your posts and threads. iT iS aNnOyInG, iSn'T iT?!?!?
>> No pornographic and illegal content may be posted or uploaded in this forum in any form.
>> Images may not stretch the width of any page of this forum. Please use the spoiler tag if you are about to post a big image.
>> Scroll (marquee) and Username (Username of the viewer) tags may not be used. Only authorized members of the forum are allowed to do so.
>> Video and music clips may not to be included in your signature or in any of your posts in this forum.
>> Signatures may not stretch the width of any page of this forum, nor stretch the page's height in an annoying and/or disturbing manner.

[To sum up, your signature, posts, topics, and avatar may not cause any annoyance, disturbance, and inconvenience to other members of the forum.]

7.) Do not delete a thread if unnecessary, most especially when the number of replies on that certain thread has already made the thread reach the popular threshold. Doing so may greatly affect other member's post count. That is why we have the so-called "Trash Bin".

8.) Obey the rules and follow the instructions of the members of the staff of this forum. Please don't ignore their warnings/words, nor argue with them in a disrespectful or impolite manner. Doing so may cause you to get necessary/proper sanctions, infractions, warnings, punishments, and/or such.

If you see members breaking these rules stated above, please report them to us through a PM (private message) or a report.

NOTE: Only members with more than 10 posts may send a private message, to somehow avoid anomalies regarding PMs.

We are hoping for your full cooperation and obedience towards the said rules of the forum.
Have a nice stay here in Cyber Social Forum and have fun posting! :]

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